Horn Chier Trading Co., Ltd. is established in July 1998. We export special polyester yarn to abroad and sell into local market from our Fuzhou factory. Our factory has High speed machine-Murata 33H and Barmage and low speed machine-Mistubishi pin-type. Our technicians have over 25 years abundant experience at special polyester filament yarn creation. Our yarn can be classified into
1.Wool-like yarn: wool appearance and soft wool touch-feeling.
2.Crave yarn : crave yarn displays natural slub effect and embossment appearance. Its characteristic is soft touch-feeling and excellent draping property.
3.Linen-like yarn: linen-like yarn wear comfortable and cool crispy. It has good wrinkle resistance and easy to care property.
4.ITY (thick and thin yarn): fabric with white and dark two kind of different pattern. 3-tone ITY has mélange effect.
5.Slub yarn: slub has long or short, thick or thin, shining or full dull. All of polyester slub yarn.
6.Nep yarn: The materials of nep yarn series are all polyester100% including CD & dope dye melange color. Using nep yarn the fabric displays different kind of small particle on it.
7.Colored yarn: colored yarn with ITY effect. One of colored yarn has rainbow effect.
8.High stretch yarn: high stretch yarn is a durable & excellent elasticity recovery fiber made by special polymer & draw-textured yarn technology, combined with special weaving & finishing technology. The fabrics will express excellent elasticity.
9.Shrinkage yarn: shrinkage yarn made of fabric with fluffy and solid effect.
10.Bar code yarn: irregular stripe on fabric. Any stripe length is same as width of fabric.

We closely cooperate with functional fiber factory, including anti-bacterial wicky yarn for sport wear, flame-retardant yarn for home textile, air-conditioned and cool-fiber yarn for underwear….etc.

We usually modify our machines and renew our equipment for new yarn. Welcome to contact with us for more details.